Health and Nutrition

We at Stepping Stones recognise the need for children to have a healthy and balanced diet from a young age and are committed to ensuring that we are providing and encouraging healthy eating within our setting. Our nursery cook, Mr. Rick Hunt, designs the menu to provide the nutrition that young children need but also to appeal to the children’s taste buds. We ensure that the meals are age appropriate by providing small babies with pureed food and all food cut up into bite size pieces. Parents will need to provide bottles and formula for babies who are still being bottle fed.

We also take care in ensuring that children with allergies and those who have special dietary requirements have their dietary needs met by providing a meal that is suitable for them.

Strict Health and Hygiene are implemented at all times and our cook and all members of staff hold a valid Food Safety & Hygiene certificate. We have received the top rating of 5 under the Food Hygiene Rating Scheme and we will work to uphold this score.