Little Pebbles

In this room children are between the age of 2-3years. This age group is one where your child will become increasingly more independent and vocal. An enthusiastic staff team help to develop language skills, encourage curiosity as well as promoting social, emotional and physical development. Children are offered a variety of creative and messy learning activities such as drawing, painting, sand/water, puzzles, music, books etc.


In this age group children reach many milestones and their development can be quite rapid. We therefore offer a well-rounded programme with a wide variety of play areas to stimulate your child’s senses and challenge their capabilities. In our bright, inviting and active rooms your child will be able to develop many skills and start to play with other children, making lots of new friends.


Toilet training is a big milestone that your child may reach within this room. We allow the child to take the lead with this process and watch out for signs and language to show us that he/she is ready for this stage. We will at all times keep parents/carers informed of their child’s progress.

Toddler Room

Registered for 20 toddlers


2 – 3 years

Staff Ratio

1 staff to every 4 toddlers
Little Pebbles Staff