Precious Gems

Our baby room is designed to be warm, attractive and inviting. The room is equipped with a separate eating area, changing area and two separate sleep rooms where each child will have their own individual cot. We are currently working on developing a sensory room within the baby room where the babies can go and relax – watch the lights and explore the variety of sensory experiences within this room. The baby room is registered for 12 babies at any one time between the ages of 6weeks and 2 years.


Our highly trained professional carers will ensure you are provided with the much needed support during the transitioning of your child starting into a setting. This can be a hard time for both parents/carers and baby so staff will ensure you feel at ease throughout this process. We will discuss with your child’s individual requirements before arrival and we take great care to ensure that both eating and sleeping habits reflect those which your child have at home. We work to a ratio of 1 staff to every 3 babies to ensure that your child gets the attention they deserve in order to help them thrive.


At the end of the day staff will keep a diary and talk you through your child’s entire day to ensure that you feel you haven’t missed a thing!

Baby Room

Registered for 12 babies


6 weeks to 2 years

Staff Ratio

1 staff to every 3 babies
Precious Gems Staff