Super Stones

In this room, all children follow the standard preschool curriculum. The staff in this room plan and organise activities to promote the recognised areas of learning – personal, social and emotional, language, physical, knowledge and understanding of the world around us, creative and mathematical and problem solving. The children enjoy the learning opportunities available to them through structured and free play.

Our bright and spacious room has toilet facilities which are easily accessible for all children. In this room staff will promote independence and encourage the children to put their own coat and shoes on and also promote good personal hygiene through hand washing etc.

This room is registered for 26 children from 3 -4 years with a minimum ratio of one to eight. The children are looked after by a team of qualified and experienced staff. We understand that the preschool years are an exciting, fun and sometimes challenging time in your child’s life. With our knowledge and understanding of the developmental needs of this age group, your child will be supported throughout their time in the room and staff will begin to prepare your child for primary school.

Kids Room

Registered for 26 children


3 years – 4 years

Staff Ratio

1 staff to every 8 children
Super Stones Staff